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At the moment, support for the standard from the web browser is already at a good level. To make sure your current browser version supports html5, you can do a little test. What do you nee to work? What will be useful when developing html5? The key tool is a text eitor in which the code of the future web page will be type. One of the most popular and feature rich eitors is notepad++. It is available for free on the official website. In addition to free distribution, it also has all the necessary functions, has many useful plugins, highlights opening and closing tags.

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Visual studio code is also a good eitor with support for most operating systems. It can run on macos, windows and linux. In terms of capabilities, this software product is many times superior to notepad. How to learn css from scratch? After learning the basics of html, it is recommende to master css. Here’s what you nee to know about cascading style sheets Hong Kong Phone Number List syntax basics: basic selectors, their properties and values. It sounds difficult to say, but it’s actually quite simple. For example, in css, you can set the style of the header, specifying what font it should have, font size, padding from other elements on the page, color, and other options.

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To learn about css, you nee to know what options you can set for various elements on your pages. Learn how to place different elements on a page using css. Learn what pseudo-classes and combinators are. Explore responsive layout, where the page Personal DW Leads  Audience layout adapts to the user’s screen size. In addition, it is recommende to learn: preprocessors. Framework, especially bootstrap. A framework is a ready-made solution that can be use to quickly create a layout for a new site.

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