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The development of a personal brand must be approached very carefully. Consumers of a product or service personally associate the purchased product with you. Poor product quality will create negative associations between the followers and the account owner. Important! When creating your own brand, try to add zest to your image. It is interesting to follow a person only if he can charm the audience with something and is really sincere. Hypotheses to reduce the cost per subscription we tested audiences with and without optimization. We have optimized each ad campaign separately to make the optimization better than the previous one.

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We expanded and narrowed the audience, segmented campaigns by those who interacted with our ads the most. As a result, due to technical adjustments, we reduced the cost by 10%. The biggest reduction was achieved when we started pushing ads from a button by redrawing the audience using the ads manager. So we have a large and Bangladesh Phone Number List interested audience. The main conclusion: to reduce the cost of a subscription, you need to adjust the content. It means: create a single content concept for the page; add private messages; download not only templates, but also beautiful examples of dmitry’s website design.

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First month of work and problems problem: the cost of the transition has doubled. This is normal because: the first days advertising is optimized; the end audience itself is more expensive than the target audience. Solution: we foresaw the time and Personal DW Leads  Audience indirectly received statistics and creativity from competitors. How did you get it? Alas, it’s a secret. We came to the conclusion that the audience is most influenced by design. We created a beautiful design example and the subscription price immediately dropped by 40%! Then we just looked at the dynamics of cost reduction during the transition period.

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