Hopes unfulfilled which give way to

Whose fulfillment probability becomes less and less proportional to the intensity we have invested over the years. Hope is related to disappointment in the same measure. Even the very fulfillment of a hope constitutes at the same time its abolition leading to a dead end agony through alternating hopes and disappointments. Nevertheless the knowledge that hope is more often the other side of disappointment and that the latter could not exist if the former had not been inflated goes hand in hand with the happy realization that life takes care to surprise us with events that do not we had hoped since.

Then curiosity would gain a dominant position

We had not even imagined them. If therefore Remove Background Image for the moment we accepted that there is nothing to hope for we would be ready to face every new and sharp turn of life. Then curiosity would gain a dominant position. For the unknown for the future for the next moment. For the plot of the novel we are living. Curiosity that would lead us to continuous exploration of our limits. Curiosity about our next rather hopeless love. Curiosity about our next possibly traitorous ideology. Curiosity about the next perhaps monotonous people we will meet. Curiosity even about what will follow the moment of our death.

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There was a time when things in the magazine

Curious about this short story that ends daily DW Leads with the word to be continued. My greatest enemy would be the one who would kill this curiosity not because it would take away my hope but because it would deprive me of surprise. Confusion usually helps the worst outweigh the best. There was a time when things in the magazine press weren’t confusing. It was either serious or mild. We had for example the serious Seasons by Terzakis and the light Romance. And each was clearly fulfilling its role. Today although no magazine identifies itself as light all want to be ostensibly serious and essentially light.

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