Hosting, Installation and Customization

Here is a series of articles aimed at beginners in blogging. You will learn how to install a wordpress blog, how to promote it and follow its results. For this first post, we’ll cover blog hosting, setup, and customization… Hosting your blog… when creating your wordpress blog, you have two options: benefit from free hosting via the wordpress. Site or opt for paid hosting. With the first solution, you will get an address like, while with the second. You DW Leads can have the address you want from the moment the domain is free. Training to create your training organization/ if your goal is to develop your blog in the long term, i would advise you to opt for paid hosting and a clean url.

Customizing the WordPress Template

The first website hosting offers are accessible (allow 30/40 euros per year for the domain and hosting). WordPress will be suitable for testing blogging but will quickly be limited in terms/ of customization and functionality. If this solution suits you, all you have to do is ceo contact list register on the! Note that some plugins cannot be installed on free wordpress . Choose your website offer… if you opt, as i advise you, for professional . You will need to compare the different offers offered by service providers. Such as 1&1, ovh, amen, etc. Initially, you can go with basic as long as it is compatible with the php language and offers you an sql database for installing your blog.

ceo contact list

Choose Your Website Hosting Offer

There is no point in taking. Competitive at the start, it will be time to change the offer when your blog meets the success. It deserves. 1&1 regularly offers very competitive offers, do not hesitate to take a look at Hosting their current offers. Installing wordpress… Once the choice of accommodation is made, you will have to install your blog. If you have opted for wordpress , you have almost nothing to do, just follow the instructions on the site. In the case of professional with your own domain, here are the steps to follow. Download the latest version of wordpress go to the wordpress-fr site to download the latest version of wordpress. Unzip the files unzip the files to your local site directory.

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