How Managed WordPress Hosting Can Give Marketing Agencies Some Peace of Mind

WordPress agency owners often have difficulty in finding the best hosting. To resell to their clients. As an agency owner, you need to ensure you can provide viable hosting. Packages to your clients. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. So it’s a dilemma for most. Marketing agencies: do they pay more for managed wordpress hosting or go for the cheaper, shared hosting route. It can be confusing at times, especially when you consider the DW Leads difference in prices. But in the long term, you should know that managed hosting definitely gives more value. In this article. We shall talk about why managed wordpress hosting is the better choice, and why you should avoid shared hosting.

Why Should Agencies Avoid Selecting Shared Hosting for Clients

Why should agencies avoid selecting shared hosting for clients before we get started, let’s talk about shared hosting. The simplest explanation of shared hosting is that it allows multiple websites to be hosted on the same server. The shared hosting solution is relatively low cost (which is what makes it so attractive). But there are quite a few downsides that you need to ceo phone numbers consider. First of all, this “low cost” solution tends to be unreliable. That’s a problem for marketing agencies, which accrue much of their goodwill through reliability. Your clients won’t mind paying more if they get longer uptimes and quicker problem resolutions out of the deal. But with shared hosting, that’s not possible.

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Why Managed WordPress Hosting is the Best Choice for Agencies

Generally, uptime is considerably low. Plus, because the server is shared, there’s considerable security risk as well. Even the performances of other websites could affect yours. For instance, if another website hosted on the same server suddenly gets an influx of traffic, it could affect the speeds on your website as well. Moreover, if the lax security of another website allows a virus to creep on to the server, this could potentially affect your website and bring it down. Additionally, during your projects, you might have to host certain applications or projects online. So agencies have to dedicate more resources to provide hosting support, and usually need to work as a middleman between the client and the hosting provider. This means that though it might be cheaper, shared hosting ultimately ends up costing more.

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