How much should you initially invest in each advertising platform

Be it Google, Facebook, Instagram, or offline media such as television, radio or the written press, we tell you what the variables are to start investing in advertising. When a prospect arrives at an agency, one of his first questions is: how much should he spend on advertising? And the answer is not always so simple. In fact, we will say that it depends on multiple factors. Objectives. The more ambitious your goals, the higher the recommended ad spend to achieve them. Be careful, an objective should not be “sell more” , but something more specific such as “position me as the number 1 restaurant in a certain area” or “an increase in sales of 34% throughout the quarter”.

How much to invest in Facebook Ads

Time of achievement of the objectives. The above brings us to this point. When an advertiser intends to achieve its short-term goals, the investment allocated to advertising will have to be higher. Competition. There are quite seasoned sectors. For example, Software as a Service (SAAS) often requires large budgets to achieve conversions, compared to a Bahrain Phone Number List local restaurant. Type of business, product, or service. Do you have a physical store or merely an online one? Is it a B2B or B2C business? Is it a seasonal product? Is it a basic necessity or a luxury item? They are all variables that modify the answer to the question of how much you should initially invest in each advertising platform.

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How to target it precisely by segmenting your campaigns

Buyer person. We do not forget your target audience, that representation of the person who is going to buy your products or services with certainty. This has its own weight in the advertising budget. Do you know how your audience searches for information? How do they solve their problems? What media do they read? Who are they associated with? There are DW Leads many variables, but today we intend to answer more or less how much you should invest in each advertising platform, on average, to achieve good results, assuming that you are just starting out on this path. How much to invest in each advertising platform Photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash How much to invest in Google Ads? When we talk about Google Ads, we refer primarily to the search engine.

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