How Olfactory Marketing Works: Seducing the Consumer

We can believe that a spectacular video. An unrepeatable photo or even a catchy tune is the differentiating element that can make a brand succeed. Or not; and it is true that they are important points DW Leads that build the aura of a brand. However, neither sight nor hearing. Contrary to all odds, are the senses that most influence the human brain from a marketing point of view. The one that most influences without a doubt is the sense of smell. Which gives rise to a whole stream. Of specialized techniques to activate this sense in favor of a brand. We talk about olfactory marketing . How does this type of marketing work? First, it must be noted that smell is a chemical sense.

How Does This Type of Marketing Work?

That is, it is capable. Of perceiving chemical compounds in the environment. Taste is also a chemical sense, and its capacity is. Lower because its uptake amplitude is shorter than in the case of smell. In fact, the fact that the sense of smell. Has a greater impact than the other senses when Philippines mobile number it comes to provoking sensations in a consumer has. A very simple biological explanation: while senses such as sight, hearing or taste have a “filter” that it does. Not allow them to reach the brain directly. Smell is the only one of the senses that has a path without. Interference to this organ. More specifically to the olfactory bulbs , which are part of the brain itself. Therefore having a direct connection with the limbic system.

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What Is Olfactory Marketing For?

The limbic system, part of the midbrain. Has an important share of responsibility for the emotions, motivations and memories that we perceive every day. This reason has not gone unnoticed by many brands and marketing companies, who see smell as a quick and efficient way to evoke sensations in consumers . For example, it is easy to perceive characteristic odors when we go to clothing stores, and even when we are on the street approaching the store. We are noticing the smell itself that causes a memory effect of the brand in question. What is olfactory marketing for? There are three functions that olfactory marketing can fulfill: remember : many smells remain in the memory, associating themselves with positive memories.

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