How to Evaluate the Return on Investment

Training employees gives them the necessary. Tools so that they can optimize their professional abilities, of course. At the same time, it allows them. To acquire the essential skills to master new technologies, or to cope with the changes made within. The company or in the sector of DW Leads activity. But employers are wondering a lot about how to assess the return. On investment of e‑learning training… the training of employees, an obligation of the employer since. The application of the law of september 5, 2018, the right to training is an obligation of the employer. Regardless of the contract that binds the employee to the company. The cpf or personal training account was set up in 2015. Replacing the dif, in order to give employees the opportunity to follow certifying and qualifying training thanks.

E-Learning Acclaimed by Employees and Employers

To hours granted to them each year. Training to create your training organization for example, this course. Certifying design and promotion of a digital training offer will allow you to create and develop vadpor your online training. If you wish to create your training organization and develop your activity , do not hesitate to register for. This certifying course. In addition, this course certifying developing your activity with webmarketing teaches. You how to create an effective emarketing strategy. In all cases, employees have 24 hours per year in all. These hours can be accumulated to reach a ceiling of 120 hours for full-time employees.


The Calculation of the Return on Investment or Roi

Note that with. The application of the cpf, the hours are now counted in euros and must be partly financed by the employer. The amount of the training followed must be a maximum of €5,000. Employees whose diploma is lower than. The bep or the cap, benefit from an amount of 800 € per year and is capped at 8000 €. E-learning acclaimed. By employees and employers employees can choose to take face-to-face training during their working. Hours (with the express authorization of their employer), outside, or online. E-learning training, one of the new training formats to choose from in companies , is now popular with employees who appreciate its flexibility. Indeed, this formula allows them to organize their time according to their availability.

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