How to Launch a Blog in a Topic with Strong Competition?

You are considering starting a blog, but you are still hesitating. The reasons: too many people are present in your niche, many are already far ahead of you. The fear of not being able to take your share of the DW Leads market… Let me tell you one thing, if a market or. A theme has a lot of offers, it is because there is also a strong demand … It may therefore be interesting. For you to take a small share of a large market, rather than launching a blog in a theme where demand is low. But for that, there are specific methods to apply that we will see in this article… web marketing training.

Target Your Blog in a Specific Region

Write ultra-targeted articles at first, then expand your blog this method has proven successful for many. Bloggers who started with a very small niche. To give you a concrete example, my very first blog used to. Talk only about speaking out. After having written more than a phone number lists hundred articles on the subject, i quickly had. The feeling of having covered the subject. It is therefore naturally that i started to talk about communication. In the broad sense: motivation, leadership, management, negotiation, sales. What i recommend to you is to choose a niche in your theme. Here are some examples : facebook , for the theme of social networks.

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Have a Strong Added Value in Your Blog Posts

Selling by telephone , in the theme of sales; succeed in your blog , in the theme of webmarketing; sea , for the theme of referencing (seo, sea, smo); self – confidence , in the theme of personal development ; the bench press , in the theme of bodybuilding; the practice of cardio , for the subject of weight loss ; the use of photoshop , for the theme of web design; apple macs , in the theme of computer products . You will have understood the principle. And the broader your subject, the more your blog must have a specific niche on which you will be able to progress. Once you have covered the subject, you can then open up to your initial subject.

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