How to make a native advertising campaign and what are its advantages

Too much is said about the change in consumer behavior in the digital age, but too little is heard about the changes it has brought about in marketing and advertising. They are no longer merely “selling” concepts, there are many other things behind them that go beyond forcing a sale through a television commercial or a radio spot. Now they are strategies that involve the relationship with the public, the creation of value, and brand awareness. Yes, the goal is still to generate business and close sales, but in a quite different way than usual… In this article, you will learn all about native advertising and how you can explore it to get out of the traditional.

Why use native advertising

Keep reading! What is native advertising? Surely you have ever come across native advertising on the Internet and, perhaps, you did not realize it. That is exactly the goal of this type of advertising: to show content on a certain channel, but without interrupting the user experience. Ads are literally displayed as if they were “native” to the page the Honduras Phone Number List was posted on, maintaining all the characteristics of the original content on that channel. The concept of native advertising is based on the principle. Of not spreading invasive ads, through an advertising strategy. In a certain way, camouflaged or hidden. And I say “In a certain way”, because despite being. Discreet content, it does not hide its intention, you will always. See it identified as an advertisement.

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How to use native advertising

Still not very clear Let’s go to a very simple example so that you understand it better. I invite you to open Google search right now and search for a topic of your interest. I, for example, searched for “buy iPhone” and my first result was very DW Leads similar to the others. They all had a title, a link, and a meta description, with only one detail. Distinguished them: a small green label that identified. The first one as “ad”. Native advertising that is, the first result was a paid ad, but it did not intervene. Visually in my search, or, in other words, in my experience. I could choose to ignore it (as if it was a result that didn’t catch my eye). Or click on it, in case it was shown to be relevant. Google ads are therefore characterized as native advertising.

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