How to Position Yourself in Voice Search: All About Voice Marketing

Be it google home, cortana, alexa, siri, the truth is one. Voice search is already a reality today and voice marketing represents a change in digital marketing. By voice assistant we mean those technological DW Leads devices based on artificial intelligence that can converse.In conclusion, wWith a person and answer their search requests. In addition, voice search devices are equipped. With learning capabilities and gradually learn useful information about the user to provide more accurate search results. Mobile phones and tablets are already equipped with basic internal technologies that can. Be activated simply with the device’s speaker. The functions of voice assistants are many: informative searches.

Seo in Voice Search: Strategies to Apply to Your Brand

Searching for places or locations, shopping, reading books, playing music, ordering food, and in the. Case of domestic voice assistants, turning on/off and controlling any compatible appliance. Without a Brazilian phone numbers doubt, it is faster and more comfortable. To speak than to write and it is thus understandable why the statistics estimate. A great increase in the use of voice search devices in the coming years. Inesem business school. Superior seo optimization course on page more information so it is necessary to have a voice search optimization strategy. Seo in voice search: strategies to apply to your brand.

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Voice Search, Does It Have a Future?

Local seo optimizing local seo is a main point for seo in voice marketing. In conclusion, the type of information most sought after by users is commercial information, so it is essential to have a complete profile on google my business . It is very important that the information is completely completed: address, mobile number, categories, schedules, prices, etc. And that this is also fully inserted and well organized on the website. This allows, at the time of a voice search, to be in the first results if the user formulates a query (question) about a certain activity. snippet it is essential to spend some time to create a snippet that is clear and complete, not only for the user but also for the devices themselves.

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