How to Revive a Dead Blog?

Maybe you created a blog with great enthusiasm. But some time later it was abandoned and therefore inactive. Is it starting to bother you? Here’s what you can do to bring your blog to life… Three DW Leads essential questions to ask before you want to make money with a blog. Whether dormant or active, it’s good to ask yourself a few questions. After all, blog projects are not alike and articles also differ from one blog to another. The question is: web marketing training.. Since when did you abandon your blog? What made you quit blogging? What is the current status of your blog?

Internet Users No Longer Find Your Subject of Interest

The resurrection of your blog will depend on the answer to these 3 different questions. Since when did you abandon your blog? Between 1 month and 1 year of course, it is difficult to speak Usa phone numbers list of a short immersion in the blog. Most of your followers will have almost forgotten about you. Your blog is no longer in “their system”. You can just pick up the thread. But do not lose hope, because it is always possible to bring it. Back to life and earn some money. More than a year suppose your blog has been forgotten by everyone. Everyone except google. This is one of the great benefits of seo!

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You Are Out of Inspiration

Either way, if you want to pick up. The thread with any chance of success, there’s still work to be done. What made you quit blogging? Tricky question perhaps. But if you want to pull a neglected blog out of the swamp, the answer to this question might help you if you have any idea how it got there. We are therefore looking for the possible causes of your dormant blog in order to allow you to keep your initial objective of earning money with your blog. A) you have no more time to devote blogging takes time. Maybe a lot more time than you might have had at the start of your blogging journey. And maybe you can’t afford to spend as much time in your blog as you did when you started the project.

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