How to Sell on Amazon Spain: Tips and First Steps

As is well known, the covid19 pandemic has not only. Transformed the way we relate to each other and communicate , but has also brought about major. Transformations in the economy. The financial crisis of 2008 , apparently forgotten in the collective imagination. Boosted the spanish DW Leads economy abroad. In fact, in 2019 , months before the start of the pandemic. Spain reached 300 billion euros in merchandise exports , its all- time high . However, this consolidation. Of the global economy was unexpectedly interrupted by the arrival of a pandemic that paralyzed supply. Chains and foreign production. The irregular and asynchronous development of the virus, together. With the closure of borders, has made it very difficult to maintain positive figures. Although many analysts predicted.

How to Sell on Amazon Spain If You Are an Sme

The beginning of the end of globalization , the reality is that international trade growth forecasts show positive data. With an increase of 8% expected. In this context, the urgency for digital real estate email lists for sale transformation has reached all sectors. Ecommerce , which experienced a great boom during the pandemic, is maintaining its growth in the new. Post- pandemic scenario . The number of users who make purchases has increased, as has. The average spending, which amounts to 900 euros per person. According to astound commerce data. Amazon led the market with 15% , followed by other platforms such as aliexpress.

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Starting to Sell: Rates and Logistics Options

That is why selling on amazon is presented as a great opportunity for smes that want to access a market in which there are more and more consumers. Being clear about how to sell on amazon spain will be essential to digitize our business model . How to sell on amazon spain if you are an sme the opportunities that amazon can offer for an sme are very interesting if it is carried out in the right way, so we offer you a series of steps and tips on how to sell on amazon spain . Before you start selling, you need to take into account some of the requirements to sell on amazon : inesem business school lifelong learning master in online marketing and e-commerce + 60 ects credits more information business email or personal amazon account company registration data , such as vat number.

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