How to Stop Pulling Your Hair Out Looking for a WordPress Theme

Have you ever made a mistake buying a wordpress theme? If so, remember how you felt. You’ve probably thought something like, “come on, throwing more money. Out the window…”. In my opinion, the DW Leads main reason that leads to a bad theme purchase (on themeforest or another store). Is a poor definition of the project’s needs… You shouldn’t choose a theme just because. You find it beautiful. It’s a little more complicated than that. Web marketing training also, please, never buy a theme on a whim . By doing so you are almost guaranteed to go straight into the wall. As with any big decision, you need to keep a cool head. Remember that the theme you choose will represent.

What Values ​​Do You Want to Convey?

You (or your client) on the internet for a few years. Note: this article is an adaptation of a chapter of the free guide. “ themeforest: the ultimate guide to finding your wordpress theme ”. Thanks to sylvain for allowing. Me to share these tips with you let’s resume. The site you’re New zealand whatsapp numbers building is the room you’re going to invite hundreds. Of people to. It would look bad to receive these people in bad conditions, wouldn’t it? Your objective is that. Your visitors have a good time on your site and above all that they find what they came for. To do this, close everything on your computer except for this article.

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What Is the One Action Your Visitors Need to Take on Your Site?

Yes really. We don’t need anything else right now. Simply take a sheet of paper, a pencil and answer the following questions: what is the purpose of your site? What will he offer? Copy and complete the following sentence: monsite is a site whose objective. Is verb + but. Here are some examples to help you: wp marmite is a site whose objective is to support its readers in creating their own site with wordpress; meetic is a site whose objective is to help singles find love; capitainetrain is a site whose objective is to simplify the purchase of train tickets on the internet. Who is your target audience? Who are you talking to?

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