How to Succeed in Prospecting with a Blog?

The blog presents itself today as a trendy digital. Tool with more than 409 million internet users per month for wordpress blogs alone. Having become. A standard in any digital marketing strategy, it is DW Leads of particular importance for everything related to commercial prospecting. Find out how to make your blog your best prospecting ally! Why capitalize on a blog for. Your prospecting? There are many reasons to explain all the interest of a blog linked to your website. We will endeavor here to give you the most important elements: training to create your training organization. A blog considerably strengthens the notoriety of your company on the web, especially in the context of regular. Varied and unique publications. So there’s no need to make your blog a simple copy-paste of the web.

Create and Optimize Your Blog in 8 Steps

The creation of content involved in a blog allows you to significantly improve the natural referencing. Of your website. Who says referencing says optimized and therefore qualified traffic. Your prospects. Thus become your internet users; with the help of regular publications, you car bodies parts email list establish loyalty with your prospects. A habit of reading and consultation essential for prospecting. Subscribing to your blog’s newsletter may. Allow you to subsequently contact them individually, in compliance with the regulations for the protection. Of personal data; while some articles offer fairly traditional content, others can, on the contrary. Generate strong reactions (positive of course) and thus create virality for your content.

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Take Inspiration from Competitors

Who has not one. Day dreamed of seeing their article taken up on the most important internet sites? A blog is finally the essential. Element to give meaning to your prospecting, to talk to your customers about subjects that interest them. Your customers also have a heart, so talk to them! Create and optimize your blog in 8 steps segment targets communicating on a blog requires segmenting your different targets with precision in order to interest them, but also not overloading other targets with information for a message that does not concern them. To do this, you need to determine a persona for each target (your ideal customer): what are their needs and expectations?

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