I feel emotion and tenderness to belong to

The anonymous journalist who wrote in a reputable. Morning newspaper months ago that if. Will be small since it has not contributed anything to the history of civilization he is also an average Greek. Like of the Greek people who fanatically supported the unjust and fruitless blockade of Skopje or the vengeful deportation of thousands of unfortunate Albanians. Greek intellectuals are those who proclaim that we are the best of all that we have the best religion and the most glorious past as well as perhaps the best basketball team.

The road from naivety to crime and from

A people with obvious childish elements Real Estate Photo Editing of spontaneity even when it makes them lose their right. But I feel painfully isolated when I find that childhood innocence turns so easily so quickly and so widely into injustice and intolerance. The road from naivety to crime and from fair defense to unfair counterattack is not long. Let’s all try not to cross him. Perhaps this note will make it difficult for me to pass north. Another dark maneuver in an undeclared war of North and South yet I cannot bear not at last to express my grievances together with my questions in the world of my beloved Thessaloniki.

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The concept of decentralization was a crude

Thessaloniki this beautiful and lively city DW Leads with the noblest Greeks lives exists and is defined through the suspicion and rivalry that Athens provokes. An unfounded fact at least to the extent that it seems to separate the position of Thessaloniki from the fate of the rest of the provincial cities. In a hydrocephalic state where until today at least the concept of decentralization was a crude not even successful way of greater central control it is logical and expected that the center the capital concentrates all power. In a capital where in addition to the government almost half the population and all.

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