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If we click on Details and review the “Organic Keywords” we see that it is ranked by keywords related to high protein muffins. And they all have a lower Keyword Difficulty KD score. content explorer keywords This confirms our theory that it is a non-competitive topic. So if you happen to run a fitness-related website. This topic could be a source of light traffic. . Turn unlinked mentions into links Sometimes people will mention your business online without contacting you. Here are a few examples of how. Ahrefs does this ahrefs unlinke ahrefs content explorer unlinke Unlinke mentions like this can occur for many reasons. But in most cases, I’d say it’s more about forgetfulness than malice. It can definitely be frustrating. Fortunately, there is a simple solution.

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Find your unrelate mentions Grab it and Cambodia Phone Number List try to convert these into links Well, there are quite a few ways to find unrelate mentions. I’ve written a complete guide on this here . But for now. Let’s keep things simple and use Content Explorer . Content Explorer Enter Brand Name content explorer brand mentions This search returns all pages that mention your brand, many of which are linke. You can get rid of these by adding your domain to the “Highlight Unlinke Mentions” filter. highlight unlinke mentions Content Explorer then highlights pages from websites that have never linke to you. Those are unrelate mentions. A NOTICE If you use the.

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This means that the page will only be highlighte in search results if there are no links to your site from the entire domain. So the mention on the Page may be an unlinke mention, but we won’t promote the Page if the Page already links to you elsewhere. This is useful because it makes sense to focus on building links from new websites. If you want to track all DW Leads possibilities, including those from sites that previously linked to you, read this . From here I recommend switching to “one page per domain”. This ensures that only one page from each website is include in the results. unlinke mentions Next, click “Export” and check the “Only pages with tagge domains” box. export unlinke mentions Now work your way through the sheet and check each of the linke pages.


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