Decentralized, Immersive and Community: the Promises of Web3…

Fabernovel, an expert in digital transformation. And the creation of innovative products and services, and arbevel, an independent management company. Publish the first chapter of their study on web3 “ web3 and its promises ”. Web3 nft metaverse. Decentralization… this DW Leads study aims to highlight, in a didactic and pedagogical way, the specificities of this. New iteration of the current web, by explaining its different notions and analyzing its promises. “lost in the desert looking for a new black gold, that of data, crushed by the gafa sun, we are waiting for the next. Wave after web 2.0, we are looking for an oasis. A decentralized oasis, which puts the user and his experience.

The Web Continues to Innovate

Back at the center of the model, which allows the emergence of a new generation of solutions and actors. And is able to meet the aspirations of the millions of people who spend their lives in line to spam calls from belgium earn it and have fun. Is web3 this oasis or is it just a mirage? » questions in the preamble, stéphane distinguin, president. And founder of fabernovel. The web continues to innovate while web 1.0 democratized access to information. The user experience it offered users was very limited. To respond to this shallow functional depth. Platforms which then reinforced the centralization of the web.

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Towards a Decentralized, Immersive and Community-Based Web

A model that users and developers want to challenge. “a general trend has emerged in europe and around the world, users want to regain control of their data. With the coming of age of the blockchain, these are the foundations of a new iteration of the web, the web3, which is possible today and which is being built. Explains arthur de la brunière, web3 analyst at fabernovel and co-author of this study. Towards a decentralized, immersive and community-based web if the “web 3.0” initiated on the basis of the semantic web has never really seen the light of day.

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