Importance of Seo: an Optimized Blog Post, or Nothing!

Why work on the natural referencing of your content marketing? Do you really need to write optimized articles? What is the real importance of seo ? Even if we talk about it a lot, seo is not yet an obvious DW Leads reflex when it comes to producing web content. An sme entrepreneur whose job it is not will not de facto have all the cards in hand to assess the benefits. And the jargon some serve them doesn’t help. Web marketing training but even with a very didactic approach. It is not always easy to argue. I see it every day: i am ordered articles that are not optimized or “with just one keyword”. But why ? Is seo dead? Is natural referencing optimization useful, impactful. Or even attainable?

An Seo Blog Post Is Not Keyword Stuffing

Is seo really important? A quality article doesn’t have to be seo-friendly, right? How to respond simply to the main objections presented? An seo-friendly article, what for? Seo to appear. On the first page of google seo (search engine optimization) is a set of techniques aimed at optimizing the how to get a hong kong phone number Natural referencing of a website . It is to be differentiated from sea (search engine advertising), in other. Words advertising on search engines, via adwords, for example. The optimization of organic referencing. Aims to obtain “the best possible visibility in the natural results of search engines such as google or bing”.

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Content Marketing and Seo Optimization

According to olivier andrieu of the blog abondance. It thus helps to boost traffic from these search engines. Clearly, the objective of seo is to reach the top of the serp (search engine result page), the search engine results pages. To be clearer still, it is a question of arriving at the top of the first page of google (who looks at the second page?) where the click rate is higher . Remember that google represents 94.1% of the market share in france ( moderator’s blog – november 2016). Seo optimization allows you to be at the top of google searches, but not only. The significant importance of seo is also demonstrated by its effects for:

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