How to Improve an Ergonomic Mobile Application?

It is impossible today in mobile marketing to. Ignore the ergonomics of an application if the objective is to improve the browsing experience of an internet. User when he uses his smartphone. This is an imperative  parameter to face increasingly tough. Competition between the millions DW Leads of existing applications on the market. So, how to improve an. Ergonomic mobile application ? The constant evolution of mobile marketing in france in france, the number of users using mobiles has increased sharply. In 2018, 42 million people connected to the internet without their. Pc compared to 38 million people a year earlier. Among them, 88% used a smartphone to connect. (source: digitechnology ).

The Different Types of Applications

Web marketing training with this strong use of mobile marketing, mobile commerce or m-commerce. Has also increased significantly. With 22% of the turnover of e-commerce sites and 35% for the advertise to business opportunity seekers leading. Sites according to the last annual report of the fevad (federation of e-commerce and distance selling). Due to the high frequency of purchases on mobile phones, this strategy does not intend to stop anytime soon. (source: oberlo ) the mobile is therefore today an essential tool that has quickly. Become more popular with the general public. It’s not just a phone for making or receiving calls anymore. This tool is a real miniature computer that accompanies its owner everywhere, and is now an integral.

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Parameters for Improving Ergonomic Mobile Applications

Part of his life. It allows you to shop online, a significant parameter in a post-covid context during which lifestyles have changed, in order to reduce physical contact as much as possible, to visit tourist sites without moving, to chat with his friends via social networks, to have a job interview by videoconference, and so on. Thanks to applications, the mobile phone optimizes its performance. Native applications can only run on dedicated operating systems. They offer the advantage, according to connoisseurs, of being more intuitive and faster. In addition, thanks to them, users can use software already present on the mobile, such as gps for example.

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