In fact the lack of this trust pushed him

The signed analyses political artistic or otherwise where at least he knew that he was following a branded opinion and not a scientific report of truth. But the era of the empire of the image has arrived. First with photography and then with the infinitely more powerful television. The completely impersonal television screen became the pulpit of the priest who directed the congregation. Now there can be no doubt. The fact is before our eyes. After all even the most austere guidance uses images with a pretense of objectivity.

It is time to move from the doubt about information

The fraud of images does not bear the Image Manipulation Service surface and the confession. It only works underground. But the recent proliferation of television stations together with the flood of photographic information through print is again beginning to work its magic. Perhaps the time has finally come to not even believe our eyes so that the last bastion of trust in our sense organs is abandoned. It is time to move from the doubt about information to the much more substantial doubt about our judgment. And the time has come for us to demand that others also understand that education cultivation the arts are what create free people that is people with free judgment and not the anyway impossible information.

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This entire hysterical construct that exploits

Vocational orientation attempts to judge DW Leads today what will be good for us tomorrow. In order to further justify his existence he invests his conclusions with dimensions of prophetic threat and makes the decision the oriented product of mental terrorism. This entire hysterical construct that exploits the anxiety of the elderly the fear of the younger and the needs of a society that is more concerned with the successful course of the whole and hardly at all with the personal happiness of each one is based on precarious and arbitrary criteria whether these they have to do with the ends either with the means or with the persons.

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