In France, 1 Out of 4 Smes Still Does Not Have a Website…

Sortlist surveyed 1000 companies in 5 european. Countries (belgium, netherlands, germany, spain and france) to understand where they were in their digitalisation. In 2020, sortlist carried out the same DW Leads survey and 2 years later we are taking stock again. In 2022, are there still companies without a website? What are the budgets invested in website creation. In conclusion, and the priorities in terms of optimizing their site in 2022? Where does france stand compared to its. European neighbors in its digitization? 20% of smes only use social networks the study shows that french. Smes are increasingly digitized, but that not all have the same priorities: in france, 3 out of 4 smes have.

20% of Smes Only Use Social Networks

A website (77%) – compared to 1 out of 5 smes in belgium, for example. France is the country surveyed. With the highest number of digitalized smes in 2021. 20% of french smes do not have a website industry contact list because. They only use social networks. French companies spend between 5 and 10,000 € for the development. Of their websites. It is the country surveyed with the highest average budget. Another notable figure: more. Than half of sme websites are mobile friendly (58%). Lack of budget and internal skills 40% of french smes. That do not have a website blame the lack of technical knowledge.

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Lack of Budget and Internal Skills

Lack of budget is no longer among. The top three reasons for not having a website. Only 7% of smes have an application in france compared. In conclusion, to 14% in europe. He hardest part is getting started… Nearly 40% of businesses that invested in a website. Post-pandemic say it was less expensive than expected. Building a website kickstarts other investments. In marketing and digital acceleration . This is the observation made by 65% ​​of french smes. Quality content remains the top priority for businesses for their websites. France is the country surveyed with the highest number of digitalized smes in 2021. 20% of french smes do not have a website because they only use social networks.

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