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Stunning product images and social media posts grab attention just for fun. Here you can not do without the help of freelancers who know the technique of informational and commercial writing. Readers are explained that the products of cjsc “Chistopupik” maintain hygiene. Paints describe the antibacterial properties of silver brushes. And they do it in such a way that both visitors and search engines like the articles. There are not only philologists here. Basic knowledge of the language is enough to solve many problems. For example, even a schoolchild can rewrite the content of an audio seminar into a text presentation. To write informative posts, it is enough to be able to search for information on the network and unify it.

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It is more difficult in the commercial sphere: you cannot do without knowing the psychology of the buyer, sales and marketing triggers. Here are the most in-demand freelance jobs in the industry: transcriber composer journalist; corresponding; content Ukraine Phone Number List manager; copyist; speechwriter; copywriter; corrector; editor; head pole; screenwriter; forum moderator. Programming, website creation and maintenance thanks to the detailed descriptions, navel brushes began to sell well. The profit of the company has increased several times.

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But we distributed them exclusively through social networks. It’s time to develop and create your own online resource for the chistopupik. I think many have heard that it is very difficult and expensive. In fact, it all depends on the goals. Even beginners can easily create a budget page builder. The main thing is to have an analytical mindset and be friends Personal DW Leads  Audience with numbers. Complex tasks with usability development friendly interface), analysis, mobile version and adaptation to search algorithms are left to professionals. Their price reaches millions of rubles. This also includes the creation of programs to support chistopupik at the stage of active sales and even production:

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