Influencers and Social Media: Perfect Allies for Online Marketing

In a digital world that is increasingly full of noise. What can differentiate between viral content and content that goes unnoticed can largely depend on. The number of contacts we have and the importance of these for third parties. This is where influencers come into play. It is not uncommon that, whenever we have doubts about a product or service, we consult DW Leads their opinions. On the internet. There is increasing confidence in the opinions of others; in fact, we have already. Moved on from resorting to opinion seeking instead of being swayed by advertising stimuli. For all these. Reasons, we must consider the incorporation of influencers in any online marketing and social media plan.

Types of Influencers

That we want to launch to increase the reach of the campaigns and, consequently, sales. In general terms. An influencer is someone who, with their influence, can help the information we want to Uganda phone number launch go viral. Without the need to invest heavily in advertising campaigns. But if you look closely, influencers have always existed. At all times there have been public figures who, for whatever reason (intellectual, public office. Television presenter, movie star, etc.), have been able to influence the great masses just by mentioning. Or promoting a certain brand or product. However, what is clear is that influencers are in fashion and, even more so, given the rise of social networks and the wide variety of information disclosure options they offer.

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How to Select Influencers?

Inesem business school master in digital marketing more information types of influencers although the variety of influencers is very wide, we can highlight six fundamental typologies: celebrities: these are celebrities who are prescribers simply because of their social profile. These take advantage of their social status to spread a specific brand or specific marketing campaign on social networks. Opinion leaders: they are the most common type of influencer today. These are people who spread a brand without being asked to do so; he simply likes the product and recommends it. Communicators: they are specialists in a certain subject, have a blog or a website and have a large number of followers. In this case, the influencer has achieved his position by expressing his opinion as an expert within a specific sector.

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