Influencers: the Power of Recommendation

It is more than clear that a brand ‘s positioning activities should. No longer be limited to conventional or new media. With the entry into play and the growing expansion. Of social networks, we have access to DW Leads new media and devices , which implies a new social reality. In which companies must place special emphasis on learning about new terrain and changing the rules. Of the game. One of these new fields in which every company that wants to have some notoriety must. Enter is the world of influencers . Influencers are in our day to day life and companies must necessarily. Allocate efforts to know what and who they are, how they work and what should be expected of them.

What Do We Understand by Influencer?

The influencer was initially a famous character that everyone (or a large part of it) followed and had to pay attention to. But, nevertheless, this initial concept has been modified by the evolution of social networks: nowadays. Anyone has access to social networks and it is difficult to Swiss phone number format know the difference between a character. Who is really an influencer and a character who simply has a certain occasional notoriety or wants to promote. Himself. What do we understand by influencer? Drawing of a magnetaccording to simplymeasured : “an influencer is any character that has a louder voice and reaches higher audiences or more niche audiences than others”.

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How Can We Find the Ideal Influencer?

In other words, in the past, an influencer used to be a well-known hollywood character or a fashionable singer, but now, with the new dynamics of social networks, it is not necessary to be a renowned actor or singer; having, for example, a properly positioned youtube channel that interests a wide audience is more than enough. Influencers are in fashion and there is no marketing strategy that can prevent their influence and, since we cannot fight the enemy, we must join him. For this reason, more and more companies are already allocating part of their marketing resources to using one or more influencers to reach their target audience with more certainty.

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