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Featured snippets alone show up for of searches, as our sturch queries with featured snippthey get of first page search results clicks ahrefs featured snippets ctr So let’s keep things simple and just focus on those. First, I want to know which of the featured snippets our competitors own. For this I will use Ahrefs Site Explorer . Site Explorer enter competitor domain Organic Search Organic Keywords SERP Properties Filter Featured Snippet Linking to target only piktochart featured snippets Piktochart currently owns snippets in the US and gets a significant amount of traffic as a result. Visme owns . visme featured snippets I will include these numbers in my spreadsheet for each competitor..

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Featured snippets In general if our competitors Argentina Phone Number rank for many of the featured snippets, there might be an opportunity for us to do the same. This can even be very simple traffic, since the page that ranks does not always have the snippet. of featured snippets come from pages that rank in positions – . where featured snippets tend to rank In other words, even if the SERP is competitive, there is still a chance of owning the snippet. Assuming we make it into the top . Further Reading How to Find and Steal Featured Snippets To Get More Search Traffic KURZNOTIZ In the next steps , and we will delve deeper into the content of the competitors. . Find Content Gaps Content gaps are keywords that your competitors rank for but you don’t. Needless to say, you probably want to fill such a gap.

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To find content gap we can use the Ahrefs Content Gap tool . use. Site Explorer Enter your domain Content Gap minimagraphic content gap You can see that this pre-populates the But the following target doesn’t rank for field with our domain. Now we need to fill in the other fields with competitors. content gap competitors I then set it to Show keywords DW Leads that all of the below targets rank for , check the box at least one of the targets should rank in the top and run the search. content gap keywords You can see above that the result is some very relevant keywords. BY THE WAY. If you’re going along and don’t see any relevant keywords, you can loosen the settings a bit and find keywords that two, three, or four of your competitors rank for, rather than all of them.


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