Reels, the New Instagram Feature

Probably, if you are an instagram user. You will have noticed some change in recent weeks. What change are we referring to? Keep reading! A few months ago, your instagram might be full of tik tok videos but now, when this platform had gained more strength. Facebook is challenging it with the launch of reels, a new feature that is currently taking center stage. As “facebook” mentioned, reels is an important part of the future of entertainment on DW Leads instagram.” but.what is reels? Many of you will already know what we are talking about, but for those of you who don’t, reels. Allows users to record videos of up to 15 seconds and offers tools to edit them, add effects, audio, etc.

Slow Motion or Fast Motion?

Now that we all know what it is, we are going to adapt to the reels trend by analyzing how it works and also. Some tricks to make successful reels. How to create a reels on instagram? The first thing we phone number germany must do is. Activate it and how? Simply, you have to open the instagram camera and the “reels” option will appear. At the bottom of the screen. If we click on it we will see the following. Inesem business school master. In community management and digital strategies more information now to start using it you must.

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Do You Join the Reels Trend?

Select the “start” tab. In case the above does not appear, it means that your version of instagram has not been updated correctly, so you will have to update if you want to use this functionality. Once you have activated reels you will see a round icon at the bottom, this is used to record videos. On the one hand, you can record by pressing and on the other hand, you can also make videos by touch (touch to start recording and touch to finish the video). In reels, unlike instagram stories, you don’t have to record everything at once, since a video will consist of multiple clips or video snippets.

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