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You better understand your prospect’s problems and customer journey . But you can even go one step further and find related searches for related searches. For example here are related searches for “Sneakers Nike” as an example one of the related searches from our previous search . sneakers nike google trends related queries But don’t stop there. You can use the terms that Google Trends suggests as seed keywords in Keyword Explorer . This gives you even more keyword ideas. There you can apply search filters based on search volume and keyword difficulty KD to find real gold nuggets. related queries having same terms ahrefs TIP USE RELATED TERMS TO FIND COMPETITORS, THEN CREATE “YOU VS. COMPETITORS” ARTICLES TO STEAL CUSTOMERS FROM THEM.

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People are likely to google your business. But which of your competitors are also being sought? Here is the explanation how to find out Enter your Canada Mobile Number List business name into Google Trends and see related searches. Here are the related search terms for the term “Ahrefs”. ahrefs related queries google trends Looks like three of our competitors are also wanted. These people are likely potential Ahrefs customers who are still evaluating their options. So it would probably make a lot of sense to give these people information where Ahrefs has advantages over the competition. We could do that through some “Ahrefs vs. Competitors” articles eg “Ahrefs vs. Moz” . In fact, we plan to create such sites in the future. At the moment we are just busy with other, more important things.

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Here’s an example of one such page from Asana. asana vs basecamp . See EXACTLY which cities and regions NEED your products or services then DW Leads target them with laser precision with your SEO strategy Google Trends shows you where a search term e.g. country, city, state is most popular. This can answer a fundamental question Where are your products or services needed most? Let’s see where space heaters are most needed in the US. space heaters The northern states, which is pretty obvious. How about a city-level view broken down? Google Trends can do that. space heaters by city Anyone from Portland? What’s the weather like? But how can you use this data? Here are just a few ideas Target these regions with PPC eg AdWords — Don’t waste money running ads across the US.


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