Is the Blog Already Dead?

Long gone are the days when the blog was. Considered a simple publishing tool, used by novices of all kinds. From a private diary, the blog has transformed. Over time to become a strategic tool in the hands of companies and professionals. However, for some time. It is said that the blog is DW Leads living its last moments, that it has declined in efficiency. Some have even claimed. That he is already dead… is this true? The blog today is no longer the prerogative of only bloggers seeking. To share the passion of their hobby. It has become a tool used by large corporations and professionals in. Various sectors. The period 2000-2008 in particular marked the peak of blogging by passion to give way.

Using the Blog in Your Strategy Has Several Advantages

To blogging by interest registered in a logic of business. Over time, and the web being what it is (this vast agora. Where everything is permitted), pseudo-experts, specialists and other detractors have risen to how to get a german phone number put forward. Sometimes erroneous figures. They put forward the idea that the blog is no longer useful, that it is obsolete. Obsolete, and that it is no longer worth anything. Training to create your training organization. What are the reasons that support this idea? Reader attention declines. They are taken up by trending online. Services and read less and less.

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The Basics to Launch Your Blog

Even more, they no longer like to read; the video is becoming more and. More important, because it is playful and explanatory. People therefore prefer to watch it instead of reading; video platforms are multiplying (youtube, vimeo, daylimotion, netflix) and attracting enormous traffic; vlogs (video blogs) are developing at breakneck speed with the advantage of publishing short videos, generally one or two minutes long, that internet users appreciate; social networks, especially the latest arrivals (snapchat, instagram, pinterest and periscope), capture the attention of internet users and traditional media. Users spend more time there on a daily basis. For example, on facebook, internet users spend an average of 1 hour there per day.

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