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Rules Add the rights and duties of each party to the media kit, including payment terms, time for publication of materials and any adjustments regarding content, for example, whether you are free to express an honest opinion about the product. Always leave all the rules clear and objective to avoid possible doubts and confusion between the parties. 11. Contact information Despite being something simple, such as a professional email to facilitate communication. Illustration of two hands holding cell phones and people in the center How to make a media kit? There is no mandatory standard when creating a media kit, but there are some factors to keep in mind. The information must be well organized and presented in a summarized form and with visual elements to attract the reader’s attention.

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You should preferably use your brand colors or content platform, such as the blog logo, for example. You don’t need to have experience with design tools, a media Russia Phone Number List kit can be made in Canva. Canva is a complete editing tool that allows you to create media kits or press kits from templates. The editor can be used in your browser or through your smartphone as an app. It has an intuitive, practical and easy-to-use interface. Canva’s variety of ready-made layouts are great for anyone looking to get inspired when making a media kit. There are several options for Instagram media kit, for Facebook, blogs and much more. In addition, Canva also has resources for creating materials that will be printed as posters, business cards and even logos.

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Check out our full article on Canva by clicking here. Create professional images for free with Canva How to make Instagram media kit As on Instagram. Much of the content is in DW Leads the form of videos and images. Place thumbnails of the photos posted that generated high engagement. Also, add screenshots of engagement and audience information. Invest in plenty of data visuals like: number of followers Engagement rate in publications and Stories public profile Content that stood out Average daily new followers Days and times your audience is online Scope of publications. How to make media kit Facebook When it comes to making a media kit for Facebook, the logic is similar, since the contents include images or videos.

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