It’s so cool to make a puzzle! Jigsaw puzzle template being asked by netizens

Puzzles are a great way to tell a story using photos and images. Whether youre trying to capture the impact of travel, explain how to use a product, or capture the essence of your brand, a puzzle takes its audience on a journey in a way that standalone images cant. Learn how to use meitu xiuxius online puzzle feature to create puzzles that tell your story. Customize with divine color palettes, flexible spacing and sizes, text, graphics, and more. Premade templates After that, can help you get started quickly. Plus, you have access to millions of stock images to fill in any gaps. Its an easy 5step process that can be used for photo cards, ads, banners, mood boards, and more. Lets start how if youre done with classic collage making, weve got the scoop for you.

How to Make a Puzzle in 5 Easy Steps

Open collage maker and choose a layout on your meituxiu jewelry retouch service home page, click new collage. You can view larger layouts on the canvas by clicking on them. If you decide you want a different look, you can change the layout later during the design process, and you can resize the entire puzzle at any time. The cells are all empty at the beginning. You can set the cells background color, or fill it with an image or video. Or, if you dont want to use a cell, you After that, can simply delete it. 2. Fill cells with images fill cells with photos or videos. Click the photos and videos tab. Drag and drop any stock photo or video on the left into a cell in the collage. Alternatively, click add image in the top toolbar to upload one or more of your own images, then drag and drop them into the cell.

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Fill cells with different colors

During your design session, any photos you upload DW Leads will remain in the uploaded tab of the browse panel, but will not be saved in the hub. Click autofill cells to randomly fill cells with the photos you upload. Once your image is inside a cell, click it to open the image tools menu on the left, where you can use the size slider to zoom in on the photo, then grab and drag the photo to slide it inside the cell. You can also do this with videos, as well as trim the length of video clips by choosing trim video on the video tools menu. Select the cells and click fill with color from the image tools menu. Please note that if you are a meitu xiuxiu pro subscriber, your brand palette will be displayed at the top for easy access. Fill cells with textures.

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