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BY THE WAY This is a correlation study. There is no explanation for the cause. Also, it’s not just the quantity of links that counts, but also the quality. In this guide, I’ll show you how to find out who is linking to your site, what pages are linking to, and what you nee to do next to improve your search engine rankings. find links I’m going to show you two ways to find out who is linking to you. . Google Search Console Google Search Console offers the best place to start for most people because it’s available for free. You are not logge in? Create a free account . To see who is linking to your site, go to Search Console Choose your property Links External Links Top Referring Pages top linking sites search console.

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This report shows the top. Websites linking  to your Costa Rica Phone Number List site and the number of Referring pages. How many of their pages link to your site Landing pages how many of your websites link to them NOTE It is sorte by Referring Pages by default , but you can also sort by Landing Pages . Click any website in the list to see the individual websites they link to and how often they do so. search engine land links search console Click on any of these pages to see the referring pages the target website is linking from. referring pages search console There is another report in Search Console that shows your top linke pages. Search Console Choose your property Links External links Top linke pages – external. top linke pages search console By default, this report is sorted by Inbound Links.

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Referring Sites to see which pages have the most links from other sites. Top target pages sorted by linking sites That’s a lot more revealing. Click DW Leads on any webpage to see the top websites linking to that page and the number of backlinks from each page. top linking sites to the page Click on any referring website to view all referring pages. linking pages to specific page You can download and save any of these reports. Simply click on the download symbol. Screenshot at. Now let’s talk about the disadvantages of using Google Search Console data All reports are limited to the top.

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