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Community cover vkontakte download community cover download set the cover for the group. Article cover dimensions the image size for the article cover is 510×286 pixels. Part of the image will hide the “Read” button and the title text! Article cover size promo post with a button. Size 537 by 240 advertising post with button advertising post with button an advertising post with a button is the same fragment. There is an opinion that more and more people go to promotional posts using a button. In my personal experience, this hasn’t worked.

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Much better, which is 3 times more effective than a regular promotional post without a snippet and a button. Story sizes photo size: 1080×1920 pixels. The video size is 720×1280 pixels. Video recording specifications: up to 15 seconds; no more than 10 mb; h.264 codec; caa sound. Use photos and videos in portrait format. Photo and video sizes Sri Lanka Phone Number List for stories group avatar. Size 200 by 500 pixels avatar and thumbnail avatar and thumbnail the maximum size of an avatar is 200×500 pixels. A miniature miniature is formed from the avatar – a circle. Since about 70-80% of the group’s visitors use mobile devices, they do not see a full-size avatar.

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So use it for preview purposes only and use the horizontal header as the main cover. Jobs on the internet: the most in demand for work at home author fast12v0_prodigi reading 27 min views 7 published 25.10.2021 content foreword work in social networks professions related to graphics, design and illustration smm expert top 30 most Personal DW Leads  Audience popular online jobs 2021 call center operator sales manager support specialist copywriter writing specialist seller manager in an online store internet marketer head of sales department online consultant personal assistant content manager target logits designer typesetter content marketer sum manager b2b sales.

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