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No link context There’s no way to see the anchor text of a particular link, the surrounding text, or whether it’s a nofollow link etc. No quality indicators. When Google says top linking sites, they aren’t referring to the quality of the sites mentioned, they are simply referring to the number of links pointing to your site. There is no way to tell how good or bad any of the linked pages are, or whether they are helpful or harmful when it comes to SEO. To fill these gaps, we need to resort to another tool. BY THE WAY.Bing Webmaster Tools also gives you some information about links to your website. Registration is free. . Ahrefs Site Explorer Ahrefs has the largest index of live backlinks in the world . It is updated with new data every – minutes.

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Paste any website subfolder, or webpage into Croatia Phone Number List Ahrefs Site Explorer to see how many backlinks and referring domains links from other websites she he has. Site Explorer Insert Website, Web Page or Subfolder Select Mode Overview nerdwallet budget guide links ahrefs BY THE WAY. Try our free backlink checker if you’re not an Ahrefs user yet. You can see that Nerdwallet’s budgeting guide has , backlinks from referring domains. That brings me to a crucial point You’re not limited to just exploring your own web projects with Site Explore yet I can see all link data. To see every website linked to the destination you chose, go to the Referring Domains report . Site Explorer Referring Domains referring domains ahrefs.

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This report is like the Top Referring Sites report in Google Search Console but on steroids . As with Search Console, it shows the referring websites DW Leads and the number of backlinks from each page. But the report also shows other SEO metrics like Domain Rating DR Nofollow- vs. “Dofollow”-Links Estimated organic traffic to each referring domain First seen i.e. when we first saw the page linked to the destination If you want to see the current backlinks from each referring website, click on the mark triangle . links from referring domain To see a complete list of backlinks from all referring websites, go to the Backlinks report . Site Explorer Backlinks backlinks report For each backlink in this report, we show the link page, surrounding link text, destination.


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