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Pasted image This effectively gives us a list of people to reach out to and alerts us about their broken link. But not only will we alert them, we will kindly suggest our guide as a relevant replacement. Of course we could reach all these peot since we’re only interested in building quality links, I’ll add some filters to narrow our list of potential clients pasted image There we have it – a list of people we might be able to win links from. Now all we have to do is find their email addresses and reach them with a simple email , such as Hey, I saw you linked to http toterpost This blog post no longer exists. We have something similar http ourpost You might want to exchange the link. Use Pixsy to check for picture theft Images on the web are often stolen and embedded elsewhere without authorization.

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If you have any popular images on your site, then Colombia Phone Number List you might have an opportunity to create some quick links. Here’s how to do it in a nutshell Find embeds of your images on other websites without permission Contact these websites and request attribution in the form of a backlink Sounds easy, but how do you go about it? Use Pixsy – a free tool that searches the web for your images on other websites. So the obvious place to start is to collect some images to let Pixsy work its magic. I recommend first compiling all of your own images that are likely to be popular – infographics, etc. If I were doing this for Ahrefs, for example, I would combine all of our branded graphics and create one folder. Next, upload your images to Pixsy.

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Pixsy upload Pixsy then scans the web for other places where the images appear. Here are the results for the few images I uploaded from the Ahres blog matches pixsy Looks like you can find them on other sites Well, before we get too excited, it’s worth noting that some of the sites these images appear on already link to us. So you have to go through all the pages DW Leads of Pixsy you found and search the source code for a link back to your site. If it exists, then press ignore . If not, add the URL of the page to a spreadsheet, along with The embedded image The original source link that needs to be added images spreadsheet PER TIP Checking the source code for all results in Pixsy can be a time-consuming task. So it pays to hire an intern to do that for you.

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