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On its page, the user finds a simulator for transferring money abroad. After running a simulation, the user’s e-mail is requested for registration. In addition, they highlight the number of people who have already performed the service, thus passing on credibility to new visitors. As security is a key point for this type of business, your information is highlighted on the page below the main text. A link to an article about brand safety and another to an online reputation platform with your review score. wise website 8. Salesforce Salesforce’s Landing Page is a great sample page with a three-step form. In the first part, the name, surname and title are requested. In the second, the number of employees, company name and country. Lastly, phone and e-mail.

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Similarly, The title of the page is very objective about what the page offers: “Start your free sales trial”, and the user can already visualize the amount he will pay after the free trial. In addition, it has a descriptive text. Where all Afghanistan Phone Number List the resources that will be available to the user. During the free trial period are presented. Below the description is an image of the system. That gives visitors a real look at what they will find. salesforce website 9. Nauto Nauto is an excellent Landing Page examples for those who offer an e-book. With a brief contact form where you can download the guide with information about the platform’s services. With a green “Download Now” button, when scrolling down the page, “Get the e-book now”, to remind users to download the material.

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Intercom On this Intercom landing page, their main objective is to get you to sign up for their mailing list. A great landing page examples of an email-only form that allows you DW Leads to increase your registration rate. With a big, positive title, the site entices you to start taking action. The images used perfectly represent the main unique selling proposition of the title. If you entered the page, the only thing you need to do is register. How to create a good Landing Page? After seeing some Landing Page examples for you to be inspired, we separate some tips on how to create a good landing page. In general, all need to include: a strong header that includes your main keyword a subheader.

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