Lessons to Know How to Sell. Learn to Unlearn

I don’t need to know anything about sales. I dedicate myself to something else, that’s only for commercials.” too many times i have heard this provocation and snub. There are few absolute truths in management DW Leads and in the management of any business and one of them is. That we are all salespeople. Another very different thing is that we are aware of it, or have a commercial label. Key account, or vendor on our business card. All of us, at some point in our lives, have played the role of salesperson. Who has not had to go to a job interview once. It is about selling oneself. It is about convincing the interlocutor that our candidacy is the one that best suits the job offer for which we have applied.

At Some Point in Our Lives

Who in his youth, has not wanted to “flirt” with a boy or a girl; the eyes meet and the most daring make. Use of their easy verb to try to conquer the other person. Who hasn’t tried to look good when get a ghana phone number our little parents asked. Who broke this? Surely we tried to give arguments about it so that we would not fall the. Corresponding punishment. Examples like these go hand in hand with knowing how to convince, knowing how to sell a project, an idea, a product, a service or an argument. We all have to justify our day-to-day. Acts and vicissitudes to our boss. It is another form of sale as well.

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The First Thing Is to Physically Dispose of the Product

But focusing the subject more on what we can all have in mind, how to make our company sell and market its products and that potential customers acquire them. The first thing is to physically dispose of the product. We can sell smoke once, but 2 times it would be abuse or masochism on the part of the client. In my book good product + good service i talk about this topic, and the key to selling is empathy and the affective-commercial bond that we are able to generate with the potential client. It is not about us being mere distributors of products or services, it is about becoming solutions facilitators for our clients.

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