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Just as a funnel captures large volumes at the top and then guides it out from the bottom. The marketing funnel, too, attempts to catch the attention of as many leads as possible. Next, these leads slowly move through the various stages of the funnel, finally leading to conversions. Increasing brand loyalty, brand awareness, and higher sales. The Evolution of the Marketing Funnel Elias St. Elmo Lewis, an American advertising advocate. Introduced the marketing funnel model that represented a customer’s journey and relationship in relation to a business. He thought that every purchasing decision involves four steps Awareness. A lead identifies a problem or need that must be solved or fulfilled.

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Interest: The lead has viewed a particular product or service that has piqued their interest. Desire: The lead is now looking to engage with the brand. Action: At this stage, the lead decides whether to make a purchase or not. Over the years, however, there have been a few additional stages added to the marketing funnel resulting in the following: Awareness Guatemala Phone Number List Interest Consideration Intent Evaluation Purchase Why is Creating an Effective Marketing Funnel Important for your Digital Marketing Strategy? Creating an effective marketing funnel is important because, just like any other funnel, a high volume of leads enters the top of the funnel. However, as they move through each stage of the funnel, more and more leads get weeded out.

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So the overarching question here is: How do I keep more leads moving through the marketing or sales funnel? Here are a few key considerations to take into account at each stage of the funnel. Stages in Your Funnel Stage 1: Raise Awareness The very first step to creating an effective marketing funnel is to raise awareness for your product or service. This is DW Leads the stage right before prospective customers enter the sales funnel, and it’s your time to shine and come up with creative and compelling ways to attract the right prospects.

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