These two give Google information about your products Lithuania Phone Number

There’s structured data for almost every part of your site, but a couple of significant ones for Shopify stores are review and product. These two give Google information about your products and show where it can find the customer reviews for said product. Combined, it can use this data to fully understand your products and what people think of them.

The end result, of course, is a better listing in the search results. Done right, your product might appear as a highlighted rich results, complete with start ratings and the like.

It’s vital to get your structured data right. Luckily, several SEO apps in the Shopify app store can help you do this, like the Below is an example of product structured data that  for all your products. This is tied into the rest of the structured data for your entire Shopify store.

Write great product descriptions, titles and meta descriptions

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Another critical piece in getting traffic with the SEO puzzle. Both customers and search engines use product descriptions to Lithuania Phone Number learn about your product. Lithuania Phone Number It helps them form an idea of what the product is like and how they might experience it. But, simply listing a couple of features or relying on generic descriptions from manufacturers won’t do — you need to stand out, so you have to write your own.

Good product descriptions give your store a voice and help build trust with your customers. It also provides search engines more clues on what to rank those products for — thus, increasing the chance of showing up for relevant terms.

The same goes for your product titles and meta descriptions. All of these items offer insights for search engines to rank your products. Plus, they should be appealing to potential customers scanning the search results to pick the correct link. Be sure to put a lot of energy into your product content, as this is sure to pay dividends! SEO for Shopify has several features on board that can help you do this.

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