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Trends shows the popularity” trend as described above . Now let me show you how you can and should use Google Trends in your online marketing efforts, especially in keyword research . Prefer a video? look here . Identify seasonal trends and create and promote content at the RIGHT time You’re probably aware that search volumes for some keywords are affected by seasonality. For example, look at the Google Trends data for the keyword “umbrella” in the US. umbrella usa And here is the same trend in Australia umbrella australia As you can see, in the US, the term “umbrella” is most popular in June, while in Australia, the peak falls in December. These are the months when the rainy season begins in these countries and people realize they don’t want to get wet.

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So if your business is seasonal, you can UK Phone Number List quickly estimate its peaks and troughs by analyzing the relevant search terms in Google Trends. You can then use this data in two ways Create relevant content to be present with the Peak For example, if you live in Australia and sell umbrellas, it may make sense to create a “Wet Season Preparation Guide” and publish it in December. Ultimately, that’s when your potential customers are most likely to be looking for this information. Start Optimizing Existing , Relevant Pages Before the Peak s Say you already have a “rainy season prep guide” or probably even an ecommerce site that sells umbrellas. It would make sense in this case to prioritize optimizing these pages a few months before the peak e.g. – months before December if you are in Australia.

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For example you could start a link building campaign in October — this will likely result in you getting a small ranking boost before search traffic peaks. . AVOID keyword outliers by examining data-skewing spikes in popularity If you’re trying to come up DW Leads with a good topic for your next piece of content, don’t post anything until you’ve checked the topic in question on Google Trends. You don’t want to waste time creating content that is no longer in demand. For example, the term “fidget spinner” has an average monthly search volume of K+ according to Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer. Yet the term “yoyo” only averages K searches per month. fidget spinner yoyo Since both keywords have a similar Keyword Difficulty KD , it would make a lot more sense to create content about “Fidget Spinner”, right? NOPE.


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