Loops and Funnels, How to Immerse the User in the Spiral of Engagement

Growth hacking channel ” and today i am going to talk about. Loops to generate engagement, it happens that i tell you growth hacking is a methodology. That was born some time ago. Today, its funnel is well established within the marketing community. Since in a single funnel it DW Leads allows you to accommodate an entire business strategy. The main difference between. Growth hacking and marketing is that the objective of marketing is sales, generating desire for business. Achieving each of the sales and then promoting the brand. Growth hacking goes much further. What growth hacking seeks is to scale the company, the business or the startup. And this is where the juice of.

What are Growth Hacking Loops

All this is. At growth hacking we have the pirate funnel , called aarrr (that’s why it’s pirate and it’s. A tremendously visual funnel: conversion funnel inesem business school curso superior en growth. Hacking more information the key point of the growth hacking funnel is that if ceo mailing list you follow the following. Steps you will have the entire growth strategy of your project: how to use the aarrr funnel some time ago. I wrote a much deeper article on how to use the aarrr funnel but the summary would be the following: acquisition: we have to think of all the possible ways we can get traffic.

ceo mailing list

But How Do We Achieve That Degree of Commitment or

To dry, traffic, as qualified as possible, but at this point we are looking for traffic. Some examples can be: organic, social networks, collaborations , podcasts, ads, etc. Once we have the list of all the sources of traffic acquisition, it is obviously time to make a strategy for each one of them. Basically to make them work. Now that we have the “where do we get people from” figured out, let’s see how we activate these people. Or put another way: where do we send this traffic and what do we want it to do when it arrives? This point is key. For example, if you have a landing page in which there is a “request information” section, your objective at this point is to fill out the forms and click on the send button. How can we get this?

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