Marketing and Physics. the Force of Attraction

Apparently you may not see a link between the two worlds. On the one hand the conceptualization of the company through the science of marketing. With a science with roots and classical tradition DW Leads such as physics. However, there are numerous examples that. Make one science have references in the other. How many times have we had to study newton’s. Well-known formula of universal gravitation at school? This law explains the interaction that occurs. Between different bodies of different mass when they attract each other. In marketing, this remains latent in. The law of supply and demand and especially in that attraction factor, which in this case is not gravity, but the loyalty.

The Space That Separates the Client from

Loyalty and satisfaction that we are capable of generating as a company. In other words, if we are capable. Of creating a minimum distance between the company and the client, if we are capable of generating proximity. Through trust and correct and committed service, the attraction will be greater in the same way that. It occurs with newton’s gravitation. The Hong kong cell phone number space that separates the client from the company must be maintained. In a latent and correct state in response times, actions and interactions so that it is reinforced over time. The distance that separates the company from the client can be weakened or reinforced by taking into account variables such as trust and the truthfulness of the promises made. In spite of everything.

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The Gravitational Center That Unites

The gravitational center that unites the company with the client can be affected by external movements outside the created ecosystem. That is, there are other forces that can change the gravitational direction in a competitive way, since the same object (client) can be influenced by other gravitational forces that remain in the same orbit. Other companies that try to get closer with their proposal of awareness, communication and messages that try to charge a gravitational pulse by way of market share in their favor. Perhaps everything is already inventing and it is now simply when we apply the formulas of the past to the changing environment in which we find ourselves.

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