Marketing Intelligence: Big Data for Marketing Experts

Today, we are in a situation in which the markets. Require new strategies to capture the attention of potential customers and gain their loyalty in order to. Obtain a long-term relationship that generates certain continuity and stability in income and profits . Therefore. Companies must DW Leads reinvent themselves and stop looking for solutions to introduce a product or service in the. Market to focus directly on their most valuable asset: customers . To achieve this fundamental goal. The marketing tools, techniques and functionalities used by any company must be adapted to the needs of the market. This is where marketing intelligence or intelligent marketing comes into play. It is a new way of.

Functionalities of Marketing Intelligence in the Company

Focusing marketing strategies in order to obtain a deeper understanding of customers, so that they can. Be offered what they really need and make the most optimal strategic and tactical decisions . How does marketing. Intelligence work ? It compiles daily the most Germany business email list relevant information on the markets in which the company. And its clients operate and analyzes it with the specific purpose of making the most precise decisions on. Market opportunities, market penetration strategies and the metrics that allow evaluating the development of it. Functionalities of marketing intelligence in the company numerous areas and strategies depend to a certain extent on the results obtained through marketing intelligence techniques.

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A Growing Sector

Some of them are: inesem business school master in web analytics and big data more information pricing policies: the use of big data and marketing intelligence tools support the establishment of prices, offering quantitative data and analyzed with precision and accuracy. Social media: there is no social network that does not handle large amounts of information. With marketing intelligence you can analyze all the content generated by the users of the social network and the interactions between them. Loyalty and crm: in its broadest sense, marketing intelligence and big data are very similar to crm software but using a greater amount of information.

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