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Conclusion At the end of the day, not every company is obligated to go as all-in as brands like Patagonia. TOMS, or Adidas. However, working towards a common goal or a shared set of values. With your customers creates a strong emotional link with a huge impact. Ultimately, this will help drive your purpose-driven marketing efforts forward. Continue to build a community around issues and causes that matter. When Instagram Stories first launched in 2016, I thought to myself, “This is just a copycat of Snapchat.” I doubted this new Instagram feature would be able to compete with Snapchat because, “Hey, Snapchat did it first, right.

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Five years later, Instagram has leapfrogged its competitors by constantly innovating. Introducing new features to keep users engaged on the platform. 4 Reasons Businesses Should Use Instagram But why should businesses use Instagram Stories? Firstly, Instagram Stories are a quick and easy way to engage with other users and followers. According Peru Phone Number List to a study conducted by Microsoft, the average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds currently. Many people have attributed this drop to the proliferation of technology. The wonderful thing about Instagram Stories for business is that it caters to this generation of people with shorter attention spans since you can only post videos up to 15 seconds at a time.

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Secondly, the format of this feature is perfectly suited for mobile – you can post anywhere and anytime, making it super accessible when you’re on the go. Unlike the original standard square format of Instagram posts, Instagram Stories are shot vertically. Thirdly, Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, so you won’t have to worry if it doesn’t fit your feed’s overall theme. Here are 4 reasons DW Leads why businesses should tap into the engagement potential of Instagram Stories: Instagram Story for Business Offers the Ability to Post a Variety of Content Using Instagram Stories for business gives you the freedom to post various content. You can literally post anything you want without having to worry about ruining the “theme” or “aesthetic” of your Instagram feed.

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