Measure Your Link Building Roi With Google Analytics

In the world of online marketing, there are two schools of thought: those who think roi link building is the bread and butter of marketing campaigns and those who don’t. While updates like the dreaded penguin and above have shattered the dream of link farms and black hat link building, google has never been against quality links. In fact, if done right , it’s a fantastic seo technique to have in your quiver! But there is a problem with link building. It’s hard to measure the impact on your business (or the return on investment). Roi is a business metric that shows whether or not your efforts translate into profits.

After All, Your Link Building Campaigns Should Be

Focused on increasing conversions. So link building on roi is the way to go. Nevertheless, we now have access to specialized tools, such as google analytics, which provide a Uganda Phone Number wide range of data and reports. Based on this, we came up with three different ways to measure link building roi. We’ll discuss each method separately and provide examples and tips on how to use metrics to understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Measuring Link Building Roi Using Rankings

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Your site’s ranking is easy to understand because it shows the position in serp based on your optimized keywords. Still, this can be misleading, but more on that aspect a bit later. First, let’s talk about how you can measure roi based on rankings. Well, one thing every seo expert and docile blogger knows is that if you want conversions and visibility, you have to rank for the first page. According to hubspot , 75% of all people won’t even reach the first page of search results.

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