Metavers and Nft Are Exploding in the Media

Still little known to the general public last year. Metaverse and nft are experiencing a meteoric rise in the media . According DW Leads to a study carried out. By the onclusive institute, from january 1 to may 15, 2022, they are mentioned in 24,047 fallouts, a french. In conclusion, person thus finding himself potentially exposed to them 31 times. The media craze for nfts and the metaverse… the rise of the metaverse is the most impressive: with 14,480 hits , it generates 47 times more. Hits than last year over the same period. Facebook , whose parent company became meta at the end. Of october 2021 , is no stranger to this. In conclusion, he group is mentioned in 32% of the spinoffs, far ahead of the other.

Digital Advertising Continues to Grow in France

Giants in the sector (9% for the sandbox, 7% for decentraland and 6 % for roblox). Despite a less spectacular. Growth curve, nfts are not to be outdone: their visibility is multiplied by 5 in one year to Brazil phone numbers reach 14,127. Hits at the start of 2022. Pedagogy, speculations and concerns about web 3 cautious about the web 3 revolution. Journalists are developing primarily educational content on the two subjects. In conclusion, hat are nfts and why are they hot? What uses for the metaverse? What potential drifts? Between speculation, money laundering and. Psychosocial risks, the dangers of these new el dorados are regularly pointed out. Brands have already invested in the virtual…

Brazil phone numbers

In Terms of Marketing

Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of the brands there is undeniable. In conclusion, with numerous investments, events and collaborations in recent months. Nike, ubisoft, carrefour, gucci and adidas are doing the best on the media scene: excluding platforms and specialized tech players, the 5 groups are most often associated with metaverse and nft by the media” , according to marine dalbard, head of of media studies, onclusive. The management of amazon has announced that it wants to improve the management of their costs: the company is already starting to rent its empty warehouses but also to ask for an effort from its customers with the increase in the price of prime in february.

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