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Decide if you want to track the unlinked mention on a case-by-case basis. Check if It makes sense that the mention is a link. You actually want a link from the site . Do you have your list of potential customers? Find your email address and reach them with a simple Hey, I saw that you mentioned us here https post Could our brand name be made clickable so people can find our website? As simple as that. Note that most of the links created using this tactic are homepage links. As long as you have a good internal connection structure, that’s a good thing. Some of the authority from these links will flow to your other pages. Check back once a month and filter by pages added in the last days for a constant stream of new opportunities. Alternatively, you can also set up a branded alert in Ahrefs Alerts.

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Close content gaps to increase your site’s traffic Cameroon Phone Number potential A content gap is when competitors have content on a topic that you haven’t addressed. For example, the Moz blog, Backlinko, a all have articles about redirect links. We have not dealt with this topic yet. However, gaps in content can also arise on page levels. To illustrate what I mean, take a look at our guide to conducting a competitive analysis . competitive analysis old It’s a thorough guide, if not a little dated released late . BY THE WAY. We’ve updated this guide since I started working on this post. The guide you see at this URL is different from the one pictured above. But is it all it should be? Let’s find out by launching Ahrefs’ Content Gap Tool for our sites and also embedding some of the leading Competition Analysis sites.

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Site Explorer Enter your URL Content Gap pasted image This tool looks for keywords that the other pages rank in the top for, but we don’t. This time, I’m going to choose the Show keywords matching all of the goals below option. I’ll also check the at least one of the targets should be in the top box to keep the results as relevant as possible. Then I click on “Show DW Leads Keywords”. pasted image results, many of which are companies that fall under the topic of competitive analysis. The fact that our pages didn’t rank for any of these keywords shows that we probably neglected to mention such things in our guide. Solution Give a small update to the post or page to talk about the things we’re missing. For example, we could add a section about “competitive analysis in marketing.


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