Neuroethics: a Critical View Towards Neuromarketing

The use of neuroscience by companies to analyze consumer behavior. Is a reality. But is it ethically acceptable? What role does neuroethics. In conclusion, play in neuromarketing? Understanding how our brain DW Leads works when faced with certain stimuli, and how these can influence. Our purchasing decisions , has been one of the main applications of neuromarketing . When neuromarketing makes use of the techniques of neuroscience, it seeks to study the brain processes that. Influence our behavior and our decision-making. Its main objective is to decode the processes that take place. In the mind of the consumer exposed to different purchase options, and to be able to offer them what they need.

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Which has repercussions on an interest in optimizing the sales strategy. But the increase in the use. Of neuromarketing techniques has been accompanied by an opposition that raises some ethical and moral. Questions about these practices, which is called neuroethics . Some of the schools email address list questions raised by neuroethics. Towards neuromarketing: do companies carry out these techniques to get closer to the consumer. Or to benefit themselves? Is all the information transmitted to the users who are exposed to these studies? Do the companies disclose all the information resulting from the investigation? Are the teams involved in the investigations certified by health authorities?

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Are these techniques justified when seeking to increase sales of products that are harmful to the health of consumers? In conclusion, is the consumer fully aware and rational in his decision making? As we can see, all these questions are aimed at protecting the consumer and their autonomy. Therefore, the objective of neuroethics is to develop a theoretical framework that regulates the research carried out in neuromarketing and its consequences on the subjects. Inesem business school advanced course in neuromarketing and consumer behavior more information the defenders of neuroethics seek to avoid what is known as “savage capitalism” , or the unscrupulous search by companies to increase their sales, even if this implies that the products and services offered are not useful and even harmful.

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