Neuromarketing: the Study of the Consumer as an Emotional Being

Why do your clients sleep with someone else if they say they like you?” the above is the question with which néstor braidot (professor, writer, businessman and. Specialist lecturer in neuromarketing and consumer research ) titled back in 2007. A book prepared ad-hoc to answer this DW Leads question. If we read between the lines, the interrogation underlies. An encounter between the rational (“they say they like you”) and the merely emotional (“they go to bed-most of the time-with others”). Judge for yourself, do we make consumer decisions based on reason or do we. Act irrationally? Consumer research confirms that no, we do not use reason much. You will have the answer. If you take a look around: why did your cousin buy that iphone that with similar characteristics to a bq 5hd. Costs €300 euros more?

Shopping Is an Irrational Process

Why are you wearing those pepe jeans or that hilfiger shirt? Do they really. Seem inappropriate to your personality? Or, even, why did you buy kinder chocolate bars yesterday at noon. If they were not on your shopping list? Shopping is an irrational process indeed, you will have architects email database already. Verified that it is not- that we are not- all the rational that you thought. Moreover, studies show that a purchase. Decision lasts 2.5 seconds of which 95% is made unconsciously , irrationally, based on emotions. Until a few years ago, marketing consultancies responsible for conducting consumer research have used. So-called “self-report” measures (surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups …) to predict.

architects email database

Neuromarketing and Consumer Research

Evaluate and draw conclusions about consumer behavior. Although they are relatively cheap and fast techniques that allow. Conclusions to be generalized to the rest of the population, they are based on the reason of the interviewee. And ignore their emotional part – namely, the most relevant part. They are measures, therefore, subject to subjective, voluntary responses based on “what is commonly accepted by society” (social desirability). But also inappropriate measures for sensitive issues. Or do you answer the truth when asked your average annual salary? And that they even require the use of memory, remember the last coca cola commercial? To safeguard the inconveniences posed by these self-report measures and objectively and emotionally know the consumer.

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