Neuromarketing: Manipulation, Scam or Advance for the Consumer?

The mind is unpredictable and unique. In conclusion, people are. Made up of a series of experiences that make us what we are, that set our way of acting in any situation. And ultimately that make us call ourselves DW Leads human. In the fusion of both concepts, mind and changing behavior. Is where the problem arises for marketing workers and especially neuromarketing. This problem is increased given the current market situation, in which we are exposed to a saturation of information. We receive it through all kinds of media, billboards, television, radio, smartphones… A continuous flow of. Data that is altering the way in which the current customer perceives said information, producing a clear.

What Exactly Is Neuromarketing?

Rejection of it and losing efficiency in communication . . It is in this situation where companies and marketing. Professionals have been forced to evolve, innovate and transform to adapt to geisingerconnect these changes. In conclusion, some of the tools already implemented in the current market are big data or even inbound marketing strategies. But without a doubt the most innovative is neuromarketing . What exactly is neuromarketing? Neuromarketing is a binomial made up of neuroscience and marketing in order to study consumer behavior from its irrational side. It is precisely here where controversies arise about whether neuromarketing really collects data to. Facilitate the consumer’s purchase or to manipulate it.


My Experience with Neuromarketing

For this, it is necessary to know that every buyer and. Person has a rational part and an irrational part . The rational part of the purchase is relatively easy to study. It is what until now the different market research techniques have been dedicated to understanding. Obtaining information from direct questions. However, it is known that 80-90% of the information obtained through interviews or questionnaires is wrong, thus intentionally biasing the results by not answering what is really thought. Now, the irrational part cannot be biased, it cannot be manipulated, let’s say it is instinctive, based on impulses and emotions. This is where neuromarketing comes into play through different techniques in charge of studying these parts.

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